Cardboard Packaging for Everyone 

Establishing a Packaging Strategy


Our expertise in cardboard packaging is extensive, meaning we can cater to any packaging need across any sector. Through an innovation-first approach, we can design cardboard cases that complement your existing production processes and wider supply chain operations. Our ambition is to deliver 360º packaging solutions with sustainability at their core.  

Horizon Packaging


We are experts in developing responsible cardboard packaging for the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. We work in collaboration with our clients to develop packaging that is efficient, can be produced and scale, and coincides with environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. 

Machine Printing


Whether you are developing large format print facades for a stadium, or a bespoke exhibition stand, we can deliver cardboard packaging for any occasion. The print industry often works to tight deadlines, with prints needing to be delivered to locations nationwide or even internationally. Our boxes are sturdy by design, made to last long journeys, and can be used more than once!

Green Sofa

Textiles and Furniture

As a furniture brand, you will have a multitude of product lines in a variety of shapes and sizes – accommodating all of these products in terms of packaging is no easy feat!  That’s where we can help, with our extensive range of standard boxes alongside our bespoke design capabilities ensuring each of your products are catered for. 


Cosmetics Bottle

Chemicals and Beauty

The beauty industry continues to expand, and sustainable ethos’ from brands are becoming a greater consideration each year, including packaging! From high-quality cardboard boxes for logistics to bespoke promotional brand boxes, our experts can create it all. 


Heavy Industry

Our specialists work with an array of manufacturers from glass bottle production to medical devices, and that’s why we know we can help you. Our range of packaging solutions and bespoke capabilities means we can offer boxes that are unique to your needs, secure for your entire supply chain, and optimised for the production line. 



We help create a memorable experience for your brand. The world of ecommerce is vast, and we look to deliver exceptional packaging that is just right for you. We consider all aspects of the process, like creating efficient packaging processes, enhanced protection for logistics, inventory management, and return-ready features.  

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