Textiles & Furniture

Achieving Comfort and Style

The First Impression

Stand Out in a Growing Crowd

Choice of packaging is one of the most powerful decisions you can make to influence awareness of your brand. Essentially, it’s your billboard. And as competition within the high-end furniture market surges, branding is more critical than ever before.  

Photo inside a furniture store showing a green armchair, pink armchair, coffee table, and set of table and chairs in the background

Packaging Products Deserve

Enhance the Open-Reveal Experience 

Meticulously-designed products with poor packaging solutions make us sad. Carefully crafted furniture demands carefully crafted packaging. Lavish textiles deserve to be bathed and boxed in luxury. The aesthetic of your packaging plays a remarkable role in making your brand’s statement bold.  

Photo of a corrugated cardboard box half open with blue material inside

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Tailored to Your Requirements

The thorough nature of our design process allows us to push the boundaries of packaging production. Unpacking each and every detail of your brand’s requirements lets us identify every opportunity to strengthen both your product’s journey and your brand’s awareness.

Photo of corrugated cardboard box with 2 customisable tabs, 1 that is open to show blue material inside box

Unrivalled Expertise

Personalised Guidance Over Every Element


Packaging Review 

A personalised consultation of your product’s demands and packaging operations to determine what our end-product needs to achieve.  


Packaging Design
and Concept

We bring product particulars and item specifications to the drawing board, literally, and combine these with bespoke designs to enhance aesthetic attraction. 

Corrugated cardboard box with open top with cream material inside and brown paper protection

Engineering and Manufacturing

It’s passionate. It’s dedicated. And it’s executed with pin-point accuracy. 

Greyhound Box team member next to machine with stack of corrugated cardboard

Supporting the Security of Luxury

Boutique hotel? Boujie showroom? Direct to your client’s front door?

It doesn’t matter to us. Wherever your product’s end-destination, the factory floor is only the beginning of its journey. Our rigorous approach to the safe transportation of goods is a well-rehearsed dance, ensuring they remain protected, safe, and secure every step of the way.

Because Opulence Needn’t Cost the Earth 

As each day passes, customer awareness of environmental impact grows. And for good reason – the only way to a truly sustainable future is to really live and breathe one. Greyhound Box’s processes are continually refined to contribute to an environmentally-responsible planet and complement your sustainability agenda. 

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