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What We Do

Skilful and Expert Bespoke Design


Our in-house design team are your partners throughout every step of your unique packaging journey.

From initial concept and product consultation to prototype development and end-product engineering, our specialists can advise on every bespoke design requirement of your packaging, no matter how big or small. Scroll to learn what we do and how we do it! 

How We Do It

Meticulous Design Detail 


Specialist Consultation

Bespoke design doesn’t come from product measurements alone. Carrying out a thorough review of your packaging process, the markets you operate in, and your subsequent packaging demands, helps us unpack every single detail of your business’ requirements. Allowing our technical experts to begin crafting bespoke packaging solutions from a bank of information. 

Greyhound Box computer screen with a cardboard box design on it

Bespoke Development

Working with you to draw up designs that maximise product protection and enhance representation of your brand, our in-house experts develop prototypes to be sampled and reviewed. This collaborative way of working makes certain that all vital conditions are met, optimising the end-packaging solution. Only once every specification is watertight and considerations are complete do we begin the transformation of prototype to product! 

Greyhound Box Team

Engineered Manufacturing

Our passion for packaging is intrinsic to all areas of our business. And there’s nowhere more obvious than on our manufacturing floor. Our team of technical engineers and machine operatives boast years of experience in applying their individual specialisms to complex corrugated packaging creations. With a range of industry-leading machinery to play with, construction of your bespoke boxes couldn’t be in more expert or advanced hands.  

Bespoke corrugated cardboard box with cut-outs to house a gas metre

Bespoke Fittings

Care Achieves the Exceptional

Whether our production line is assembling a mass of standard boxes to accommodate a surge in demand or scaled back to dedicate focus to bespoke designs, the end products always have one thing in common: care. That’s care of box construction, care for the product it’s protecting, and care for any distinct features. We’ll measure and mould specific cardboard fittings that cater to the unique shape of your product, protecting those sensitive areas and sharper edges.  

Corrugated cardboard box with bespoke fittings cut out to properly fit required product

We Make Packaging, Precise

For packaging suppliers like us, it’s our mission to ignite operational efficiency through bespoke packaging that is both robust and versatile. Our packaging solutions enable you to: 

 Minimise labour costs 

 Improve packing velocity 

 Reduce storage space 

 Lower expenditure  

Our expert team are equipped to create high-quality bespoke packaging that enhances your supply chains. 

Synchronised Solutions

For Supplementary Perfection

A box with bespoke design accounts for every measurement of your product to optimise space and emphasise protection. And sometimes, our boxes need a little something bespoke of their own, too. Our range of ancillaries are designed to complement your product’s packaging and elevate the open-reveal experience. From corrugated cardboard inserts that offer a snug fit around irregular products to versatile packaging paper that acts as a sustainable alternative for filling space, our supplementary items pack a bunch of benefits.  

Cardboard standing in 'M' shape with congruent circular cut-out pattern

Achievable Sustainability

Extended Environmental Options

We’re just as meticulous about the materials we use for the finer details as we are for the overall designs of our packaging. Meaning, the inks to form colours and glues to bring elements together are in sync with the sustainable nature of our entire production process. Their water-based nature upholds the 100% recyclability of our corrugated packaging, supporting your sustainability objectives and increasing curb appeal to your end-customer simultaneously. 

Man pouring blue ink out of a plastic container

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