Packaging that Delivers

First Impressions are Everything

A Memorable Experience 

Packaging is so much more than just getting your goods from A to B. When it comes to eCommerce brands, packaging is one of the most encountered elements customers interact with, so it’s imperative you get it right from the start. 

Cardboard Box with Green Design

Packaging for the eCommerce Age

Anything is Possible


It’s not just the goods that count. Ecommerce packaging is essential, from independent sellers on Etsy to big brand names on the high street. 

Ecommerce packaging is designed specifically for shipping products. Whether you are sending small, large, fragile, or unique subscription packs, we can help deliver speed, accuracy, and sustainability. 

Ease of unpacking and presentation are essential to embody the brand’s value. In a world of unboxing and sharing new products online, we can help deliver memorable experiences through our sustainable packaging solutions. Our team will ensure that you have a perfect balance between presentation, protection and sustainability. 

Cardboard Packaging
Letterbox Ecommerce Box

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Sustainable and Practical

Online shopping is surging and so is the environmentally conscious consumer. Consumers want to shop from brands that take sustainable action. Using sustainable packaging will emphasise the care taken into minimising environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and helping to reduce packaging waste. 

Optimised for Transportation

Well Packaged for Peace of Mind

Our experienced team can provide the correct packaging for your product to eliminate the risk of damage in transit, so your products arrive in perfect condition every time. Our packaging not only ensures integrity during transport, but perfectly captures the essence of your brand. From elevating consumer experience to controlling shipping costs and everything in between, we provide sustainable solutions that you can trust.

Cardboard Packaging Transportation

Return Ready Packaging

Designed for Secondary Usage

If your customers receive an unsuitable product that they no longer want, it’s important to provide packaging that’s fit for return. The correct packaging can make the returns process easier for you and your customers by increasing customer satisfaction, minimising reverse logistic costs, and complimenting your sustainability initiative. Our team can ensure your packaging is returns ready.

Greyhound Box will keep your eCommerce business moving in the right direction. 

Bespoke corrugated cardboard box with cut-outs to house a gas metre
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