Heavy Industry

Engineered to Protect

Packaging Solutions for Heavy Loads

Whether you Need to Store, Pack, Protect or Transport. 

If there’s any sector that needs unique requirements for its packaging, heavy industry is it. Whether you are manufacturing medical devices, steel components or glass bottles, we have a sturdy and secure packaging solution that’s unique to your product.

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Made to Measure

Looking at Complex Packaging in a New Light 

Working in a heavy industry sector requires packaging that will protect everything from components, products or parts throughout even the most demanding supply chain.  

The heavy industry faces specific requirements, whether they are legislative or unique to the product. Using the correct tailored packaging for your specific requirements creates endless advantages even for the most fragile, bulky, or intricate items.

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Protective Packaging

Packaging that Goes the Distance   

Finished goods can sometimes travel all four corners of the world, and they need packaging that can go the distance. You can rely on our team of experts and designers to create sturdy and sustainable packaging that not only protects your products but optimises storage space prepared for any eventuality on its journey. 

We provide robust and versatile solutions to overcome any challenges you face in the supply chain. 

Cardboard Packaging Transportation

Driving Transformative Change

A Shared Vision 

As industry net-zero targets loom, the heavy industry sector strides to increase their use of renewables, whilst reducing waste, emissions, and raw materials. When it comes to packaging, the opportunities are endless. 

Prioritising sustainability should be at the top of your agenda. As packaging shifts from single-use and non-recyclable, we will always consider design, use and disposal to achieve your goals. High-quality sustainable packaging can help significantly reduce the negative impacts on the environment. The superior integrity of our packaging, minimises damage and waste through the entire supply chain, using as few materials as possible. 

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