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Unlock the Future

As a packaging manufacturer we understand how unique FMCG products are. With a combination of our expertise and cardboard solutions, we can provide packaging that’s efficient, minimises plastic and is available in high volumes to meet demand of the FMCG industry. 

Bluetooth speaker box

Optimised for the Entire Supply Chain

Above and Beyond  

Our goal is to develop sustainable packaging solutions that meet the challenges faced by our FMCG customers. Our boxes are suitable for fresh to frozen and everything in between. Regardless of shape, size, scale or speed, you can trust us. 

Different Sized Boxes

Packaging for Every Aisle


Packaged Foods

Packaging solutions that promote shelf presence

FMCG Printed Cardboard Box


Designed with your needs to savour every drop

FMCG Beverage Cardboard Packaging


Packaging as perfect on the outside, as the product on the inside

FMCG Toiletry Packaging


Innovative packaging that creates delicious moments

Confectionary Packaging

Over-the-Counter Drugs 

A complete packaging solution that ensures product efficiency

Cardboard Packaging

Dry Goods 

Differentiate your packaging through design

FMCG Dried Goods Cardboard Packaging

Other Consumables

Whatever product you need packaging, we consider it all

Standard Box Group

Commitment to Change

The Sustainable Future of FMCG

The amount of plastic pollution in the environment is a scary thought and the primary culprit is single-use plastic packaging. The fast-moving consumer goods sector is striving to eliminate this factor, and we can help you get there with our cardboard solutions.  

Sustainable packaging plays a pivotal role in eliminating single-use plastic. Companies of all sizes can still fulfil growing consumer demand, whilst keeping harmful materials out of the ecosystem with our plastic-free alternatives. With endless advantages, the transition to sustainable packaging will soon be the only solution, so make sure to be ahead of the curve. 

Brown Tape for Printed Packaging
FMCG Suma Cardboard Packaging

Overcome the Scale Challenge

Smart and Flexible

With products racing off the shelves, innovative packaging is a vital element to the competitive FMCG market. From packing and distribution, to logistics and transport, at Greyhound Box we always consider every aspect of your business. 

Our design team will always ensure your packaging is optimised for space and strength without the need of excess materials. Constant changing consumer demands can make it hard to forecast exactly how much of your packaging you’ll need. Whether you need high volumes or even last-minute orders of your packaging, you can count on us. 

Forklift picking up cardboard boxes
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