Chemicals and Beauty 

Reinventing the Box 

The Beauty of Packaging 

Attract Conscious Consumers  

In a competitive market where brand image is everything, packaging plays a huge role in the product experience of Chemicals and Beauty. Our sustainable solutions are tailored to meet your product needs and supply chain requirements.  

Bespoke Cardboard Packaging

Packaging that’s Always in Style 

With the Quality your Consumers Expect

Packaging is everything. It’s your first impression, brand image, messaging and values. Visually engaging packaging will set your desirable product apart in the marketplace to target your consumers in a unique high-end presentation.  

As conscious consumers desire clean beauty trends and global regulations are driving sustainability, our eco-friendly packaging solutions can help you stay relevant in the vast beauty market. At Greyhound Box our solutions help prevent excessive packaging waste from ending up in landfill through eco-friendly packaging that can be easily reused or recycled. We are dedicated to bringing economic, social and financial gains to the cosmetic industry through sustainable packaging.  

Cardboard box with three bottles of toiletry products in it

Packaging as Good as the Product

Stand out from the Crowd

Greyhound Box is an ideal solution for brands who are striving for sustainability, without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. If you are looking to differentiate your packaging through both innovative structural design and graphics, we have sustainable solutions that you can trust.  

Horizon Packaging
Bespoke Chemical Packaging

Unique to You

Beautiful Inside and Out

Our Chemicals and Beauty packaging has been refined over the years to design sustainable yet sturdy packaging that delivers extra protection and safety to luxury and delicate products throughout their lifecycle. Our design and printing teams will work with you to provide sustainable packaging, that’s suited for your needs without the use of any harsh chemicals.   

It’s not as simple as one size fits all. In the Chemical and Beauty industry, packaging is key for chemical handling and safety. It’s vital that packaging that contains chemicals or other delicate substances is labelled correctly and meets requirements for transport and storage. At Greyhound Box we will work with you to provide packaging, that’s specifically suited to your product and ensures the supply chain is always maintained, whether you are a small or large wholesaler.  

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