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More than ‘Just’ Cardboard Boxes

A Holistic Approach

For an Entire Packaging Solution  

Our philosophy is to deliver an all-encompassing approach to packaging. Boxes might seem simple to some, but we know there’s so much more than what meets the eye. For us, we consider your entire process and tailor solutions to you so that your cardboard packaging delivers on all fronts.  

Cardboard Packaging

Packaging Review


At Greyhound Box, we aspire to give our clients the best possible packaging solution – one that’s the right fit, easy to pack, sturdy, and of incredible quality. To deliver the perfect packaging, we need to learn about your product lines, your production process, and your wider supply chain. Ultimately, to know what cardboard packaging solution is best for your business, we need to get to know you! 

Greyhound Box Team Operating Machinery

Bespoke Design


Sometimes a standard box just isn’t going to cut it. Your products are unique, and they deserve unique packaging! You didn’t design your product to fit within the exact measurement of a standard box, and why should you? That’s why we have in-house technical experts that can develop bespoke cardboard packaging that is made with your products and processes in mind.  


Bespoke Cardboard Box

Inventory Management


Inventory management can be complex at the best of times, especially when you are dealing with seasonal or unexpected fluctuations. This then becomes more complex when you don’t have storage space available to host larger quantities of packaging. That’s where we can help! 

We can collaborate with you to host a proportion of your cardboard packaging stock and work on an immediate delivery service to get the packaging to you as and when you need it. 


Cardboard Boxes in Warehouse

Standard Boxes


If you know what you want already, then head straight to our store when you can order a range of standard boxes and accessories.



Standard Cardboard Boxes

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