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What is Eco Tape and What Are its Benefits?

We all know how important recycling is for our environment, but when it comes to packaging, there’s often a sticky issue – the tape. Traditional adhesive tape used for sealing cardboard packaging can often interfere with the recycling process because it’s not recyclable in the UK. This means consumers must go through every cardboard box to remove all the sticky tape before putting the boxes to recycling. But it doesn’t have to be this way! That’s where our Clear Eco Tape can offer a solution to a common problem.

What is Eco Tape?

Clear Eco Tape is an environmentally friendly, plastic-free alternative to traditional scotch tape for securely sealing packages. The tape is made from Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and a water-based acrylic adhesive. It is designed to be environmentally friendly and is considered an eco-conscious alternative to regular packaging tapes. It’s an ideal choice if you’re an FMCG business wanting to improve your sustainability efforts.

Eco Tape

Eco Tape

What are the benefits of using Eco Tape? 

Eco Tape provides loads of benefits that make it an ideal choice for all your FMCG packaging needs. With its strong adhesion capabilities, this tape ensures the secure sealing of boxes, even in the most demanding and extreme conditions. Whether it’s for packages used in shipping or for storage, you can rely on this Eco Tape to keep your packages intact.

The tape’s clear appearance also adds a touch of professionalism, allowing for a neat and visually appealing packaging presentation. The appearance of packaging is important for your FMCG business as it creates a strong first impression on customers. Even a small detail, like the tape you use, can make all the difference!

By using Eco Tape, not only do you benefit from its practical functionality, but you also contribute to more sustainable activities, making it a win-win solution for both your packaging needs and the planet.

What is Eco Tape suitable for?

Our Eco Tape is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of packaging purposes. From sealing packages for shipping to securing delicate items, this tape excels in many scenarios. Notably, it is highly effective in sealing boxes that might face challenging environmental conditions thanks to its resistance to harmful chemicals and pollutions.

At Greyhound Box, we always have sustainability in our minds which is why it’s important that we only use environmentally friendly products. The BOPP material that forms our Eco Tape is lightweight that doesn’t wrinkle or shrink with changes to the environment. This means you can feel assured that your eco-friendly alternative sealant works both with and for the environment, making it a top sustainable choice for your packaging needs.

Can Eco Tape be recycled?

Eco Tape is more easily recyclable than traditional tapes that use solvent-based adhesives because they don’t contain harmful chemicals called VOCs. With traditional solvent-based tape, separating the adhesive from other materials and recovering the solvent is challenging and expensive. As a result, there is little demand for recycling these adhesives, making it difficult to develop effective recycling methods. Eco Tape, however, uses a water-based acrylic adhesive instead of harmful solvents, reducing potential environmental pollution during production and use because they are easier to recycle.

Why should you choose Eco Tape?

Tape seems like a small consideration to make when thinking about the packaging of a product. However, it can make a huge difference in enhancing a package’s sustainability credentials and even selling your products.

Various studies and surveys are highlighting that consumers are actively looking for sustainable packaging solutions. According to a 2021 survey conducted by Drapers

Statistics from DrapersAfter all, when it comes to adding sustainability to your packaging, switching tape is one of the easiest places to start. And by opting for sustainable alternatives like Eco Tape, you contribute to reducing the demand for traditional plastic tapes that often end up in landfills. Embracing eco-friendly tape options not only minimises your organisation’s ecological impact but also sets a positive example for others in your industry.


3 other sustainable packaging considerations

Switching to Eco Tape is just one small change you can make to improve your packaging. Other impactful changes you can make include:

1. Corrugated cardboard

Our corrugated cardboard is the perfect sustainable packaging material because it provides strength that withstands more wear and tear. It’s made from a minimum of three layers, with a flute filling the inner and outer layers to ensure maximum protection of your products.

2. Sustainable fillers

The interior cushioning system is vital to protecting products from damage caused by shocks and vibrations. But a lot of them are not known for being sustainable. At Greyhound Box, we use bubble wrap from at least 30% PCW recycled waste which is exempt from the UK and EU Plastic Packaging Tax.

3. Bespoke design

Our in-house design team are your partner throughout every step of your packaging journey. We can create bespoke designs which will eliminate protective packaging like polystyrene and foam that is unsustainable, perfect for all your packaging needs. Everything from the inks to form colours to the glues to bring elements together are in sync with the sustainable nature of our entire production process, supporting your sustainability objectives.

It’s important to stick with sustainability! Are you a planet-conscious FMCG business and want to improve your sustainability efforts? Get in touch with our team.

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