10 May

How to Make Packaging Sustainable

Sustainability is increasingly becoming fundamental for companies, due to access to data, new perspectives, and government-led targets. At Greyhound Box we pride ourselves on being a responsible packaging supplier, and we know how the correct packaging can steer you towards becoming not only sustainable but efficient.

Why is Packaging Sustainability Important?

The principles of sustainability are made up of three pillars: economy, society, and the environment, or as we like to say people, planet, and profit.

Although 90% of executives across Europe are concerned about making the world a better place, only 78% have an environmental sustainability policy in place. Addressing the gap between being aware and actually putting sustainability into practice is critical. When implementing sustainability, companies may be reluctant to place sustainability at the core of their business strategy, in the mistaken belief that the costs will outweigh the benefits.

Sustainability in businesses can improve trust with customers and employees whilst protecting our environment at the same time. Apparently, 81% of us prefer to buy from a sustainable seller. There is a whole load of short and long-term benefits to having a sustainable strategy, but at Greyhound Box we can help you, by starting with your packaging.

Sustainability in Packaging

The packaging industry is always under scrutiny. From using single-use plastic, being non-recyclable or having an excessive amount of material.

But packaging is crucial to our modern life. On average a person handles 140 objects a day, and a good proportion of these come in packaging. The primary purpose of packaging is to protect its content from any damage that could happen during transport, handling, and storage. It also protects the product from external factors such as humidity, light, heat, and water.

Maximising Efficiency

Choosing the best sustainable packaging solution can be daunting. The options available are endless and sustainable packaging can mean different things to different people. At Greyhound Box we make sure we practice what we preach when it comes to sustainability, from the products we offer to our clients, to the eco-conscious cleaning supplies we use in our office. Internally we switched to offering 30% recycled content plastic wrapping to our clients, as well as a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, such as; corrugated cardboard and paper tape.

Our sustainable offering doesn’t just stop at the products we sell. Our in-house technical and design team can review your packaging to eliminate excess material and reduce all elements of plastic, whilst maintaining the integrity and brand identity of your packaging.

In essence, there are numerous ways packaging can be made sustainable, that not only reduce your environmental impact but reap economic gains as well:

  • Cost Saving and Reduction of Waste

Are you spending a fortune on filling your boxes with bubble wrap to protect your goods? Waste in your packaging turns into waste elsewhere. Not to mention the excessive costs of materials. Our technical team can create a visually appealing design that not only looks great but saves you money to spend elsewhere on your business.

  • Sustainable Business

Optimising your packaging is all about using the right amount of packaging for what is required. When implemented correctly, sustainable materials can help you massively reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain.

  • Reduce the Amount of Packing Time

We all know time is money, so wasting it on excessive materials that slow you down when assembling and distributing, isn’t doing you or your business any favours. The correct packaging can speed your logistics back up, to get more deliveries out the door.

  • Improve Recycle Rates

Consider the bigger picture. Consumers can make a positive contribution toward sustainable packaging when they are able to recycle. Recycling helps us all, to save money, boost the economy, reduce landfill content, preserve resources, and protect wildlife. Ultimately you are helping to reduce the impact of climate change on a global scale.

  • Minimise your Plastic Packaging Tax

As we all know the Plastic Packaging Tax came into force last month, but luckily there are some ways to avoid or reduce the plastic tax. When we conduct a packaging review, we will try and eliminate all elements of plastic, and switch to recycled content alternatives, which work just as well, or even better!

With the rise of eco-conscious consumers making the switch to sustainable packaging is crucial for success. What’s more, environmentally friendly packaging is just as versatile when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. At Greyhound Box, we strive to produce high-quality, affordable packaging that is always sustainable.

So, with nothing to lose and lots to gain, get in touch with our team and we can work together to create a solution to benefit your business, consumers, and the planet.

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