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4 Tips and Tricks for FMCG Packaging

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry covers everything from your breakfast cereal to your favourite soaps. The UK’s FMCG sector is worth over £134 billion annually, and with so many products being churned out daily, it’s no wonder that their environmental impact is significant. That’s where durable and sustainable packaging comes in. Opting for the right packaging is the best solution for both businesses and consumers.  

The Importance of Quality FMCG Packaging  

FMCG products need to fly off the shelves to drive sales and keep businesses thriving. It’s not just about good looks – packaging should protect the product, give customers useful information and, most importantly, leave them feeling positive about what they’ve bought. But that’s not all. Sustainable packaging is more of a big deal than ever – in fact, more than 60% of people would pay more for a product with sustainable packaging.  

 So, with all those boxes to tick, take a read of our top tips and tricks for creating effective, eco-friendly, and durable packaging solutions suitable for a fast-moving industry! 

1. Take a sustainable approach 

The rise of eco-conscious consumers making the switch to sustainable packaging is crucial for success in the FMCG world. By making your package more sustainable, it means you’re staying ahead of the game in a competitive market. Yet the best part is whilst sustainable packaging is better for the environment, it’s also incredibly versatile in terms of functionality and aesthetics. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the range of options available in sustainable ranges, from eco-tape to help secure boxes to water-based inks used for eye-catching designs. 

Many FMCG companies have been working behind the scenes for a while now to revamp their supply operations to embrace more sustainable practices. Take the classic Mars Bars – it’s recently got a new wrapper made out of recyclable paper instead of plastic. Mars Inc. has said such a change will make 200 million bars per year ‘carbon neutral’ in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Now that’s food for thought! 

2. How to enhance efficiencies in FMCG Packaging  

You might think that going for the cheapest cardboard box is the best choice when it comes to FMCG because it’s going to end up in the bin anyway, right? Wrong! Not only are you wasting money on a short-term solution, but you’re also increasing the risk of your goods getting damaged. Flimsy boxes aren’t durable enough to handle the treatment during transportation, which means you’re probably going to end up spending extra cash on plastic fillers, like bubble wrap, to keep them secure. 

It’s a far better idea and long-term solution to invest in sturdier cardboard packaging materials. Boxes made from strong corrugated cardboard can be reused multiple times, cutting down on the constant need for box production, transportation, and storage. When your trusty cardboard boxes have served their purpose, you can simply recycle them, reducing your contribution to waste even further. 

3. Choose packaging that ensures product protection 

Good quality packaging does more than just keep your products safe – it maintains their integrity from the factory to your customers’ hands. Packaging acts as a shield against damage, contamination, and tampering. The right packaging keeps out dirt, moisture, and other elements that could cause your goods harm. Plus, it can even help extend the shelf life of the products! 

Bespoke packaging is designed specifically to meet your product’s unique requirements, and something we’re rather experienced at over at Greyhound Box! We can design packaging that’s unique to your product’s measurements, and incorporate specialised features that keep the product safe and secure.  

Our bespoke designs use corrugated cardboard that’s made of a minimum of three layers, which increases its resilience. A wavy material we call the ‘flute’ fills the inner and outer layers, providing strength that withstands more wear and tear than a traditional solid board! 

4. Use packaging to boost customer experience 

What makes you reach out for a particular item? We bet it’s the packaging that stands out from the rest! Boosting customer experience in the FMCG sector is crucial because the way a product looks plays a significant role in our purchasing decisions. We’re drawn to packaging that catches our eye and effectively communicates essential information. But it’s not just about appearance… 

…Visually appealing packaging goes hand in hand with practicality, and it’s a winner when your packaging is easy to reuse and recycle! Corrugated cardboard, known for its flexibility and ability to be reshaped and resized, makes it a top material for delivering an outstanding packaging experience. Throughout its lifecycle, corrugated cardboard can withstand multiple uses before ultimately reaching its end of life, where it can be recycled. 

What’s the Future for FMCG Packaging? 

Heading into the future, not only does FCMG packaging need to be sturdy and visually appealing, but it must also prioritise sustainability and product protection if it’s to win over customers in a growingly competitive sector. By taking a proactive approach to packaging, companies can align themselves with eco-conscious consumers and make a more positive impact on the environment. So with our top tips in mind, it’s time you create effective, eco-friendly, and durable packaging solutions that meet the demands of both your customers and the environment! 

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