22 May

Why Sustainable Packaging Needs Proactive Efforts, Not Reactive Fixes

In the past, reactive approaches to sustainability have been the norm for many businesses, governments and organisations. A study has shown this is partly down to people finding it difficult to process long-term issues and instead focus only on the short-term. But in recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of being proactive with sustainability due to the amount of research coming to light. At Greyhound Box, we aim to minimise our environmental impact across our supply chain and optimise our processes with a proactive approach. But our sustainable agenda stretches beyond our internal practices. We want to help our clients go beyond reactive measures with their packaging and supply chain to make a real difference.

Why is Being Proactive Important?

Reactive approaches to sustainability only act on environmental damage once it’s too late. They prioritise short-term thinking rather than the bigger picture. Taking this approach with your business means you miss essential opportunities for preventing harm before it happens in the first place and helps you get better organised to protect our planet from issues in the future. It also helps create a culture to encourage individuals and businesses to think and act more sustainably.

We all understand the landfill problem and the damage it causes to our ecosystems – the UK managed to generate 222.9 million tonnes of waste, according to a government stat from 2016! We’ve been using more recyclable products over the last 20 years which is really promising, yet whilst this approach is one that’s more accessible to most of us, it’s not the only solution. On top of choosing products that boast recyclability or are made from recycled materials, you can look to be more proactive when it comes to cutting down on waste. Starting with your packaging.

What are the Benefits of Proactive Packaging?

Adopting a proactive approach to sustainable packaging can be daunting, but the benefits are endless. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help!

1. Reduced waste 

Using less packaging, you reduce the amount of material that needs to be disposed of or recycled. This helps to reduce the burden on landfills and the environment. In a packaging review, we can spot inefficiencies in your current practices and minimise what you’re already working with. We can also suggest alternative, sustainable materials – like our packaging paper, clear eco tape, corrugated cardboard or 30% recycled bubble and plastic wraps!

2. Lowered CO2 emissions

Another added benefit is lowering CO2 emissions. The right packaging works to decrease negative environmental impacts across the entire supply and transport chain. Packaging that uses less material reduces the environmental footprint by sustaining resources and reducing waste. Reducing the weight and volume of the product reduces the amount of storage space required at each stage of the supply chain. Importantly, this can cut down the transportation of your products. We can help reduce packaging to keep shipping emissions down and maintain fuel efficiency.

3. Reduced costs

Less packaging might not always mean lower costs at first. But opting for higher quality packaging could save money in terms of being better able to protect your products from damage. Our technical team can create a visually appealing bespoke design that not only looks great but saves you money to spend elsewhere in your business – how good is that?

4. Customer expectations met

Many consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of what they buy. A study found that 92% of consumers feel that minimalist, eco-friendly packaging is necessary and coming up with proactive solutions to your packaging can help meet these expectations. And we’ve seen this already with millions of people using bags for life for their shopping. Once the legislative change came in, consumer awareness increased!

Packaging Up a Proactive Future

To wrap things up, we need to take a step away from the reactive measures of the past and look forward to the proactive sustainability of the future. At Greyhound Box, we’re happy to lead the way in proactive, sustainable packaging, we just need more businesses to join us on this journey.

So, are you ready to take a proactive approach to your sustainability goals? Get in touch!

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