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Is your packaging as efficient as it could be?

Excessive materials waste, soaring costs and high-volume refunds, indicate that your packaging operations might not be performing as well as it should. That’s where we come in!    

Whether you are looking to reduce your plastic usage, minimise your carbon footprint, increase packaging performance, or implement new packaging innovations, we can help you get there.  

Your business will hugely benefit from our free packaging review, where we will work together to make those beneficial changes. Working alongside you, our experts will highlight inefficiencies throughout your whole packaging process, so that you can reap the maximum benefits. 

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Packaging Review

A Holistic Approach 

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Our first step is to listen to you and your business’s packaging needs and challenges. 


In-Depth Assessment 

Our team will visit you to gain a deep understanding of your business, operations, and packaging. 

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Tailored Advice 

We will develop a thorough analysis and present recommendations, with proposed actions and advice. 


Working With You 

Greyhound Box can then develop a tailored packaging solution to your needs, so you make the most of your cardboard packaging.  

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Packaging Materials

Work Smarter Not Harder 

The material you use for your packaging might not be up to scratch, you could even be using too much. The material you use must keep your product safe from when it leaves your manufacturing facility, until it reaches your consumer. 

We can identify exactly why your packaging is leading to spoiled or rejected loads from unsuitable materials. Our packaging experts can help reduce excessive usage or suggest alternative packaging materials to guarantee your packaging is working smarter. 

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Minimise Packing Time

Increase Productivity 

The time it takes to construct, fasten, and secure your corrugated packaging can quickly add up, before even considering additional inserts, dividers, or void fillers. Depending on your packaging design, taping the box could be the most time-consuming part.  

Change starts by taking a holistic look at your operations, investigating your primary and secondary packaging. We can help you minimise packing times, reduce costs and increase productivity, without compromising on quality. 

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Packaging Storage

Reduce Stock Space 

Managing packaging inventory can be a mammoth task. Having too much causes significant costs and can impact safety, whilst too little can lead to halted production lines and delays.  

Our packaging experts can identify opportunities to drive down costs and make your warehouse more efficient. We consider the measures and requirements of safely storing your stock to help ease your inventory management, or even work with you to host a proportion at our location. 

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Packaging Design

Unleash Your Imagination 

Packaging should protect your product and provide maximum point of sale impact. Although off the shelf packaging is highly appealing, if it’s not a right fit for your product it can lead to damages, higher shipping costs from oversized packaging, excessive waste from tapes and void fill and in turn higher costs throughout your business.

A packaging review could highlight the need of a simple change to the design or innovative bespoke packaging. Our designers can translate their in-depth knowledge into purpose-designed packaging, to maximise performance and cost-effectiveness.

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