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Traditional VS Sustainable Pallet Wrap

2024 is the year for real sustainability waves in the packaging sector. The EPR is just around the corner, and more restrictions on virgin plastic usage are set to be introduced. Ensuring that your packaging is as sustainable as possible should be high on your agenda – making positive change has never been more accessible.

You’ve likely already transitioned away from plastic to corrugated cardboard packaging, minimised your packaging design, explored eco-friendlier water-based inks, and adopted sustainable ancillaries like Eco Tape. So, it’s now time to turn your attention to pallet wrap!


What is Traditional Pallet Wrap?

Traditional pallet wrap is the plastic film that keeps stacked goods secure during movement and storage. Pallet wraps vary in thickness and size to fit different loads. These films are usually made of a material called polyethylene, which can stretch to tightly cover pallets and protect the packaged items underneath.

But the problem is that virgin polyethylene isn’t a sustainable material, and it poses threats to the environment. It requires a lot of fossil fuels to make, with its production emitting greenhouse gases that contribute to pollution. Its long-lasting presence after disposal and low recycling rates emphasise a need for sustainable alternatives.


How can Pallet Wrap be More Sustainable? 

To make pallet wrap more sustainable, a key step is to use as little plastic as possible. This helps reduce the environmental impact associated with plastic production and disposal, helping to tackle ongoing plastic pollution. By addressing the plastic footprint, businesses and individuals can better contribute to environmentally friendly packaging practices.


Why Choose Sustainable Pallet Wrap over Traditional?

Research shows a growing demand for sustainable packaging, and at Greyhound Box, we’re at the forefront of this change. In fact, there has been a 71% rise in online searches for sustainable goods over the past five years!

Even if customers don’t see the pallet wrap, they care about the sustainability credentials of who and where they buy from. Studies have shown that Gen Z (in particular) care highly about causes like the environment and social justice. They base their buying habits around these values, favouring brands that have a higher focus on sustainability matters than those who don’t. Primarily, incorporating sustainability throughout your supply chain is essential for making to steps towards a greener planet. It also boosts brand loyalty and attracts the environmentally conscious consumers we know are paying attention.


Why Swap to Sustainable Pallet Wrap?

Opting for a more sustainable pallet wrap is a smart choice that balances the same durability as traditional, fully plastic wrap with environmental responsibility. At Greyhound Box, we offer a pallet wrap with strong sustainable credentials, boasting:

1. Recycled Materials Sourcing

The sustainable pallet wrap is made from at least 30% recycled material. Cutting down on new plastic production is crucial to lessen the environmental impact tied to extracting raw materials. The recycled content also means it’s exempt from the UK and EU Plastic Packaging Tax, meaning you can avoid the extra cost.

2.End-of-Life Sustainability

Our wrap is also 100% recyclable at the end of its life, including its cardboard core! This reduces the amount of virgin resources involved in future plastic making, helping us to conserve natural resources.


3. Cost-Effective and Resource-Efficient Usage

More sustainable film benefits the environment and saves money by using less film per pallet. Not only can you pack more for less, but you’ll see a reduction in waste and lower packaging costs. By minimising resource consumption and waste production, you can enhance your sustainable practices whilst improving your bottom line.


4. Strength, Durability, and Flexibility

Sustainable pallet wrap film is as strong and durable as traditional materials, but it’s more flexible. That makes it easier to manipulate and reduces the risk of injuries and damage during use!

The pallet wrap also fulfils its main job of keeping goods safe during storage and transit, ensuring customers receive them in perfect condition. Excelerate estimates that approximately 14% of stretch film rolls are wasted, due to damages. The Goliath solid stretch film they provide us with has reinforced edging, meaning rolls can be dropped, thrown, or run over, and still unwind without issues! It can also handle over one tonne of weight too.


Is Traditional or Sustainable Pallet Wrap Better? 

Choosing a more sustainable alternative to traditional pallet wrap is a smart and environmentally conscious decision. Sustainable pallet wrap provides all the necessary functions as its standard counterpart, yet is better for the planet. In fact, our film can yield up to 300% of its original length with minimal width loss, meaning you’re getting more than your money’s worth!

Overall, making sustainable swaps in your packaging process aligns with the global focus on more environmentally-friendly practices, making sustainable pallet wrap a practical and responsible choice.


Looking to Make Sustainable Swaps in 2024?

You’ve come to the right place! At Greyhound Box, we offer a comprehensive range of sustainable materials and products, providing you with an extensive arsenal to boost your sustainability credentials.

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