28 Nov

Moving Beyond Plastic: A Sustainable Future for Electronics Packaging

Starting in October this year, England took a significant step to reduce environmental pollution by officially banning some more of the most harmful single-use plastic items. The ban applies to various sectors including retailers, takeaways, food vendors, and the hospitality industry, making it illegal to sell single-use plastic cutlery, balloon sticks, or polystyrene cups and food containers.

Whilst the plastic ban at present only affects the hospitality industry, other bans and legislative frameworks, like the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme, are set to come into force in the coming year. There’s an expectation that the single-use plastics ban will gradually extend to include a wide range of industries in the future, including e-commerce. The key to a straightforward transition away from plastic to more eco-friendly materials is being prepared.

Get ahead by exploring more sustainable alternatives and adopting responsible packaging practices!

Is Plastic Packaging Always Bad?

Plastic plays a crucial role in packaging and has long been the traditional go-to material for safeguarding products. Despite plastic making headlines in the last few years for a somewhat negative reputation (mainly due to waste from its single-use applications), it’s important to recognise that not all plastic packaging is ‘bad’. Plastic is still a popular packaging material for a variety of sectors and reasons, like pharmaceuticals, where products often need filling and sealing without human intervention.

Whilst some plastic elements remain necessary, many industries are phasing single-use plastic which particularly poses significant environmental concerns. With a short lifespan and lack of good waste management, it’s estimated that almost half of all UK plastic waste is incinerated for energy recovery. 25%  is sent to landfill and just 12% recycled in UK reprocessing facilities, with the remaining waste shipped abroad.

Despite the issues associated with single-use plastics, there is an opportunity for positive change. Embracing reusable plastic alternatives represents a meaningful step toward sustainability and impact can be achieved by simply reducing the overall amount of packaging used. By exploring these alternatives, we can work towards lessening the environmental impact of plastic packaging.

How to Reduce Plastic in Packaging

Electronic sales are especially high at this time of year due to the busy Christmas period. So, a steady supply of high-quality, durable packaging to keep those electronic products moving is essential! Cardboard is often used for the outer packaging of electronics which is positive to see, but the real issue we need to address is the plastic used inside.

When it comes to electronics packaging, you’ll find a lot of plastic components in the mix, from big and small bags to wires that hold items in place. With our bespoke approach to packaging design, we’re always looking for opportunities to eliminate plastic components that continue to ensure the safe transit of fragile items. Many of these internal components can be substituted with made-to-measure cardboard inserts, effectively securing your products in place during shipping. What’s more, these inserts can be easily recycled once they’ve completed their purpose!

Keeping your electronics safe from bumps and knocks is a big priority when it comes to your packaging. Whilst bubble wrap is a classic choice for protection, there are plastic-free alternatives available, like paper fillers. As for sealing your packages, have you ever considered switching from standard tape to an Eco Tape? It’s kind to the environment and a smart pick for your packaging needs, thanks to being:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Plastic-free
  • Made from a water-based acrylic adhesive
  • Good at keeping products dry in wet weather due to being made from biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP)

Why Go for Bespoke Packaging?

Bespoke packaging not only boosts the appeal of your electronics brand due to eye-catching aesthetics and fit-for-purpose design, but also streamlines your packaging operations. Choosing bespoke fittings tailored to your electronic gadget’s unique measurements that are made from corrugated cardboard can really elevate your brand’s visual appeal.

You also get peace of mind your products are protected during shipping and the packaging has a lesser environmental impact thanks to plastic alternatives – all whilst creating a memorable experience for your customers! Want to see our bespoke electronics packaging in action? Check out our work for TechVision’s Sound Bathe system!

Are You Ready for the Plastics Change?

Time is ticking to reduce the amount of plastic in your packaging. But, creating sustainable packaging that works for well for electronics this Black Friday, Christmas, and beyond is entirely possible.

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