Bathing in Bespoke Box Design for Technical Goods

Local Roots, Local Relationship

TechVision is a family-run business based in Golcar, Huddersfield. Established in 2006, they specialise in designing, manufacturing, and supplying a range of hidden TV solutions for the home.

Both Matt Holmes, TechVision’s Director of Business Development, and Louise O’Brien, our MD, are members of the Yorkshire Leadership Group, which is where our relationship stems from.

Bespoke Design for a Complex Product

Matt sought a protective packaging solution for TechVision’s Sound Bathe system. This Bluetooth bathtub speaker system transfers vibration energy through the bathtub, converting it into soundwaves. Pretty snazzy, and also rather complex.

The sound system’s kit includes numerous components of different shapes, sizes, and weights, meaning an off-the-shelf box was out of the question. Matt looked to our team’s expertise in bespoke corrugated cardboard design to formulate the solution.

Screen with different lines of colour showing sound waves

Using Corrugated
for Protective Packaging

Priority number one for Matt was a box that offered maximum protection for the Sound Bathe’s highly technical components. Our expert team of designers put their heads together around a literal drawing board, developing a plan for a corrugated box with fitments that account for every element of the product.

Drawings progressed to prototypes, which underwent testing and tweaks. When Matt was certain that the packaging offered the right amount of protection, we looked to the other requirement.

Stack of flatpack corrugated cardboard

Eye-Catching Aesthetics

Bespoke corrugated cardbox box with black text that details the Sound Bathe product inside

TechVision is renowned for its high-quality, tech-savvy, forward-thinking products. So, it’s only right that their products’ boxes reflect this! Printing a striking design featuring the product logo, tagline, and URL onto the outside of the box elevates its shelf presence, catching the eye of the customer whilst boosting brand awareness.

Though the box needs to be robust in its construction , we didn’t want to interfere with its appearance. Neither glue nor tape is required for its assembly – instead, its design enables it to self-lock. Tabs on the opening flap tuck inside the walls to keep it secure, a bit like a pizza box!

What started as a daunting task soon turned into an enjoyable challenge that I was determined to overcome! It’s a satisfying feeling when you get that lightbulb moment and land on that winning idea that has been escaping you. And even better when the customer is delighted with the outcome, too!

Matthew Kay, Commercial Manager at Greyhound Box

A True Off-the-Shelf Solution

Photo of bespoke corrugated cardboard box for TechVision to house their Sound Bathe system

Simply put, this corrugated cardboard packaging solution is one-of-a-kind, intricately formulated to meet the needs of a single TechVision product.

Combining intricate design with expert cardboard engineering, we were able to produce a bespoke corrugated cardboard solution that upholds protection and enhances aesthetic.

285 boxes were produced in the initial order, ready to transport just short of 300 Sound Bathe systems that’ll change bath time as we know it.

That’s music to our ears!

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