11 Sep

Black Friday: How Can We Make Electronics Packaging More Sustainable? 

Last year, UK shoppers contributed a staggering £4.8 billion to the Black Friday frenzy. Marking the last Friday of November on your calendar has become almost instinctive, as the lure of Black Friday deals prove hard to resist. This event, alongside Cyber Monday, has evolved into a global sales spectacle, particularly for the electronics sector. But amid the excitement of the sales, the environmental impact of the event can get lost in the noise. What can you do about improving the eco-credentials of the packaging your reduced electronics products come in? 

The Black Friday Problem 

Last year, Black Friday electronics sales soared, with top-selling items like Echo Dots, Fire Sticks, and AirPods leading the charge. However, only 29% of electronic waste caused by Black Friday is recycled. This statistic reveals an opportunity for positive change and a chance to enhance our commitment to more sustainable retail practices. 

The Need for Sustainable Electronics Packaging 

Sustainable packaging is essential in the e-commerce world, Black Friday or not. Traditional packaging methods for electronic goods often involve non-biodegradable materials, leading to waste accumulation and environmental damage. These packages often come with environmentally harmful polystyrene and plastic bags for smaller accessories, like plugs and wires, presenting a significant recycling challenge.  

Even worse, it’s not uncommon to see shoe-sized packaging for items as small as USB sticks and HDMI cables, which can seriously damage the products in transit. Electronic devices are a big investment for many people, so many of us are happy to snap up the deals. But imagine the upset when a customer’s new device they’ve bagged at a bargain arrives, only for it to be broken because of inadequate packaging!  

It’s not always your fault when a product arrives damaged, but you need to minimise the risk of it happening as much as possible. Thankfully, you can achieve this with bespoke packaging.   

Turning ‘Black Friday’ into ‘Green Friday’  

When it comes to the world of electronics packaging, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Bespoke packaging works to enhance consumer attraction to your electronics brand whilst improving efficiencies during your packaging processes. When you use bespoke fittings within corrugated cardboard packaging, you’re selecting something that’s perfectly aligned with your brand and product. While the upfront expenses might exceed standard cardboard packaging, you’ll enjoy substantial and sustainable advantages in the long run. 

Bespoke Packaging for Electronics  

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for bespoke packaging. At Greyhound Box, we’ll guide you through each phase of your packaging operations. We start with an exhaustive review of your packaging process, understanding every nuance of your requirements. Armed with this information, our technical experts work on tailoring distinctive packaging solutions that fit your electronic products perfectly. 

In our bespoke process, we can look at removing plastic elements while keeping delicate items safe for shipping. Even the non-recyclable bags that often package electrical wires can be replaced with small cardboard inserts that lock products in place to keep them secure. What’s more, these inserts can be recycled easily at the end of their use.  

How to Use Packaging to Charge Your Brand 

Collaboratively, we work with you to craft designs that not only optimise product protection but also elevate your brand’s identity. The prototypes that take shape through our in-house expertise are subjected to thorough sampling and assessment. We only transition from prototype to final product when all specifications are refined, and considerations are addressed.  

Our commitment to sustainability and creating sustainable packaging echoes throughout our production process. Our water-based inks give life to vibrant colours and our glues and eco-tape support our environmentally-friendly ethos that underpins our entire work. By relying on water-based components, our corrugated packaging retains its 100% recyclability, aligning with your sustainability objectives and simultaneously enhancing its appeal to your customers.  

It’s Time to Go Bespoke! 

The need to change the packaging for electrical goods is clear and urgent. Creating sustainable packaging that works for electronics this Black Friday is entirely possible. Our help in designing bespoke packaging is the way to go! 

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