Inventory Management

Storage Solutions for Your Packaging

The Full Package

No Storage? No Problem! 

Packaging solutions don’t simply start and stop on the Greyhound Box manufacturing floor. They become part of our family, stored in line with your business’s requirements. Whether a short- or long-term solution, our warehouse has 14,500 square feet dedicated to secure inventory management of your end packaging product.

Stack of flatpack corrugated cardboard

Data-Driven Stock Management

Intelligent Distribution to Reflect Demand

Part of supply chains ourselves, we appreciate that product demand can fluctuate and can feel like quite the rollercoaster experience! By tracking and analysing your order history, we seek out patterns in product popularity to optimise stock and inventory management.

Flat cardboard boxes stacked onto a pallet on a forklift truck

Strategic Storage Decisions

Whatever the Supply Chain Weather 

Our proactive approach helps us to predict surges for stock, meaning you won’t be left short during the busiest times of the year. And when it’s a little quieter? We use our insight to advise on strategies that best organise your inventory. Current areas of traction are capitalised, with stock continually rotated to sustain condition. 

Pallets stacked with corrugated cardboard

Room to Breathe

Added Value Where it’s Needed Most

They say you can’t have quality and quantity. We disagree. Our inventory management solutions offer you a seamless way to reduce any pressures of holding stock, freeing up valuable: 

  • Floorspace
  • Human resources
  • Operational expenses

Your business’ capacity is rejuvenated, and your bespoke packaging solutions aren’t compromised. After all, who’s going to look after your packaging better than the specialists that crafted it? 

Red forklift truck next to stack of corrugated cardboard flatpack boxes on a pallet
Red forklift truck with operator stood next to it loading flatpack corrugated cardboard boxes onto yellow lorry

Complementary Storage Services

Closing the Lid on the Full Offering

Tapes, labels, inserts – no matter the accessory, we provide storage solutions for our range of additional packaging ancillaries, too! Keeping your entire collection of packaging materials together allows for effective stock management, from continuous rotation to keep items fresh, to real-time visibility over product levels.  

Safe and Sound

Our passion for packaging is unlimited – we give as much thought to its handling, inventory provisions, and transport as we do its design and manufacture. Our storage facility is strategically-located in central Leeds, strengthening the efficient distribution of client’s packaging solutions and ensuring continuity of supply. 

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