12 Apr

How does Luxury Packaging Increase Product Appeal?

When you add your brand to your product’s packaging, you instantly increase appeal. But when it comes to luxury packaging, that appeal takes on a whole new level of significance! Packaging that looks and feels high-quality subconsciously communicates a more luxurious product is to be found inside.

So, keep reading to explore how you can use branded packaging to:

  • Elevate the customer experience
  • Make your premium products even more appealing!


The Power of Luxury Packaging

Luxury packaging goes far beyond ‘just’ a box. It’s a carefully crafted extension of your brand identity, adding a layer of quality and thoughtfulness to your client or customer journey.

They say first impressions count. And when packaging is ‘lux’, that first impression is set to be a promising one! Subtly, you’re already showing your client that there’s been ample care invested in the product – and that’s before they’ve even opened the box to reveal the luxury goods inside.

The stats support the feeling, with 61% of people saying they’re more likely to buy a luxury product more than once if it comes in premium-looking packaging!


Building Trust and Exuding Professionalism

Luxury packaging appeal doesn’t begin on the shop shelf. It starts in the warehouse, where products are packed securely for shipment. And it’s also where you can really begin to harness the power of including your brand.

Imagine a pristine pallet wrapped securely in branded materials. Prominently displaying your logo sends a clear message to everyone involved in the supply and logistics chain that the packages contain something special. It’s a small yet significant detail – one that exemplifies meticulous attention to detail, a quality we all associate with luxury brands.


Keeping Luxury Packaging Secure

An aesthetically-pleasing branded package is one thing – a securely fastened package is another. But who’s to say you can’t have the best of both worlds? Security features, from tape to seal the package to inner fitments to keep products secure, are primed for branding, too!

Whether you’re printing instructions onto the tape in your branding, like ‘handle with care’, or customising inner protective layers with your logo, you’re able to make your packages more easily recognised during handling and shipping. And that’ll ensure luxury items receive only the highest level of care throughout their journeys!


Boosting Brand Awareness

As a luxury brand, you’re not just selling a product – you’re creating an experience. So, ensuring your packaging has an impact far after the item is removed from the box should be a core focus in your branding activities!

Think of Tiffany & Co.. We bet you can picture their blue jewellery boxes, items that have become iconic in their own right. (Not to mention synonymous with opulence, wealth, and magic!) It’s an exemplary lessen in marrying experience and branding to your products. Look to showcase what makes your luxury product unique through branded packaging to continue to attract and retain customers who share your vision and values.


Sustainable Luxury Packaging

From Tiffany & Co.’s trademark blue to the colour green, and there’s a new status symbol in town: sustainability. Eco-conscious consumers reward brands that share their values, with more than 60% of people saying they’d be willing to pay more for a product with sustainable packaging!

There’s ways to improve the sustainability of your luxury packaging across the supply chain, be it sourcing materials more responsibly to printing your branding using water-based inks. Making sustainable swaps is all the rage for 2024, and with good reason! They’re a win for the planet, a win for clients and customers, and a win for more planet-friendly packaging processes.


Premium Products Need Premium Branding

At every touchpoint, luxury packaging elevates the product experience, builds trust between your business and customers, and increases brand recognition. It’s an investment, not an expense. And in a competitive market, remembering these details will set you apart!

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