8 Dec

CAD for Christmas: Unbox the Magic Behind Our Packaging!

With machines getting into the festive rhythm and creative bells ringing loudly in our workshop, we’re unwrapping the magic of the season – Greyhound Box style. And nothing says Christmas like a blog all about our festive CAD (Computer-Aided Design) capabilities, right?

At the heart of our packaging prowess lies a not-so-secret weapon: our CAD machine. It meticulously weaves precision and innovation into every bespoke packaging design we work on. So, if you want to find out what our CAD machine could do for you this Christmastime, turn the festive tunes up and read on.

Using CAD for Packaging

At Greyhound Box, our CAD machine plays a hugely important role in our commitment to delivering high-quality packaging solutions. Its primary function is to generate box samples that allow our clients to review and approve designs before we proceed with production. This not only provides our customers with peace of mind, but also creates an avenue for them to contribute their insights to the design process!

What’s more, the CAD machine empowers us to create completely bespoke packaging. We rely on Impact by Arden, a heavyweight in CAD software tailored for the packaging industry which ensures we achieve precision in our bespoke designs. This powerful tool serves as the magic behind the scenes of our packaging solutions, ensuring that every design detail meets the highest standards. Whether starting from scratch or importing existing work, cardboard packaging can be achieved with speed and guaranteed accuracy!

Impact really stands apart with its support for multi-piece designs, specifically, keeping design components, manufacturing layouts, and 3D models linked nicely within the same project. This integration improves our workflow, allowing us to seamlessly transition from packaging conceptualisation to the final product. All whilst maintaining maximum precision and efficiency in our packaging designs!

Unwrapping the Benefits of CAD

Why let Santa have all the fun? Our workshop buzzes with the joy of quick and easy design delivery, courtesy of Impact and our CAD table from AG/CAD. They play a pivotal role in enabling us to swiftly design and produce one-off samples for client approval before starting full-scale production.

The CAD table itself is designed for speed and flexibility, featuring a tool head equipped with an oscillating knife, creasing wheels, and a pen tool. Christmas came early for our team when this arrived, because the CAD table ensures samples don’t monopolise our production machines – it leaves them free to focus on live work. It’s an amazing piece of technology that enhances our design process, making it both efficient and versatile.

Festive Flair with CAD

The CAD machine allows us to design and manufacture a wide range of boxes, from substantial, heavy-duty pallet box sets to delicate, intricate gift boxes. If you’re looking to infuse a festive touch into your packaging, we can incorporate decorative elements into holiday-themed products, like bottle boxes. We can also design the packaging with your desired prints and artwork in mind to include at a later stage! This way, your boxes will not only serve their functional purpose but also stand out with a festive flair, distinguishing them from more conventional, plain packaging options.

But, our CAD machine goes beyond designing boxes – it’s Santa’s little helper for gift-worthy packaging. The completely bespoke projects where we’re really pushed creatively are some of the most rewarding! We’re a little biased – some of our favourite projects are often non-conventional solutions we’ve developed for clients and ourselves, like stands for exhibitions we’ve attended, office furniture, decorations for Halloween, and, you guessed it, Christmas!

We’ve made corrugated Christmas trees for our office using the same CAD technology. These flat-pack trees are easy to assemble and store, and have become rather a tradition in our factory. We’ve even shared some with charities in Leeds, and given the positive response, we’re considering a larger production run for a fun, alternative Christmas tree that everyone can enjoy. 

T-level students assembling our office cardboard christmas tree made with our CAD machine.

Let Our CAD Technology Transform Your Packaging

Whether you’re conceptualising distinctive gift boxes or infusing a festive touch into your packaging, our CAD technology is ready to transform your visions into reality. This Christmas, take your packaging experience to new heights. Let our CAD machine be your guiding force in bringing creativity to life!

Get in touch and we can help turn your ideas into festive realities.

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