11 Nov

The Next Generation of Christmas Advent Calendars

Are you excited for Christmas? Yes, we know Autumn is barely over and we’ve only just put away our Halloween decor, but the sound of jingle bells is already in the air and with them the release of the seasonal advent calendars. From Liberty to Chanel, Brewdog to Twinings, every retail brand worth their salt now has a Christmas advent for customers to count down the days to the 25th.

But in an increasingly saturated market, how can you make your brand stand out? Read on to see how you can make an impact this Christmas.

Creative Cardboard Christmas Advent Calendars

If you’re looking to branch into the world of luxury advent calendars this year, you’ll need to bring out the big guns. As their popularity rises and more industries jump on the advent bandwagon, brands are becoming increasingly innovative with their cardboard packaging. Take inspiration from some of our favourites:

  • Laithwaites Wine advent calendar: This show-stopping calendar takes the form of a quaint winter street with merry old Santa Claus sprinting across the rooftops. By using corrugated cardboard, the Laithwaites Wine calendar keeps 24 quarter bottles of wine safe and secure in their festive casings throughout the season. This calendar is designed to act as a centrepiece in a customer’s house and it definitely makes a statement.

Photo of Laithwaites Wine advent calendar, a 3D blue box decorated as a house with 5 mini bottles of wine

  • Craft Gin Club: With its pull outdoors showcasing some of the Craft Gin Clubs’ favourite cocktails, this calendar perfectly showcases 25 handpicked miniature craft gins in a unique modern-designed cardboard casing.

Craft Gin Club advent calendar

  • BrewDog 2021: If you’re looking for a more rustic edge, BrewDog’s last calendar got it down. With their branded cardboard box with a fun cut-out for each unique beer, their 2021 advent calendar gave customers the perfect “beery” Christmas.

Not Your Average Advent Calendar

Keeping inspirations in mind, it is clear that the world of advent calendars has moved far beyond the £1 chocolate calendars of years past, with real and deep thought going into every brand’s rendition. But there’s no point in showing your carefully curated products in a simple box, customers need to see and feel the quality of your brand in the calendars casing.

Keep this in mind when designing your advent calendar as just because it’s made of cardboard doesn’t mean it can’t look amazing.

An easy way to emulate luxury and quality when designing your advent calendar is to use bespoke boxes for each product. Bespoke boxes can give your advent calendar a unique look that is based on your own personal products as well as creates excitement around their variety. On top of this, using bespoke boxes can protect the items within the advent from damage by eliminating any excess room. Making sure each day of your advent gets to your customer in one piece.

Keep Packaging Green

With green being one of the most iconic Christmas colours, it would be remiss if we didn’t stress the importance of keeping it green and sustainable around the holidays. This year 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown away into our landfills rather than being recycled and with ⅔ of customers stating that they are happy to pay more for sustainable products, there really is no excuse for your advent calendar to not be kind to the planet.

One simple way of creating a sustainable calendar is to make it out of recyclable or reusable cardboard. Here at Greyhound Box, we use sustainably sourced paper to make sure all of your products are kind to our Christmas trees this year.

Looking to make your own bespoke Christmas advent calendar for your customers to enjoy this festive season? Then contact our experts today.

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