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3 Ways to Get Started with Branded Packaging

Protect the product. Enhance usability. Increase functionality.

Packaging has several roles to play to make sure your goods get from the factory floor to your client or customer in one piece. But the one element that’ll make sure your packaging isn’t just noticed, but remembered? That would be incorporating your brand!

Keep reading for three ways to get started with branded packaging.


Why is Branded Packaging Important?

Branded packaging isn’t just printing your logo on the side of your cardboard box (although, this can be very effective!). It’s an extension of your brand identity, something that helps to create that all-important lasting impression. With branded packaging, you’re on the path to increasing recognition of your business and your products. And you might even start to notice the impact it has on positively influencing purchasing decisions!


Branded Packaging: Where to Start

1. Visuals that Enhance Product Appeal

Adding aesthetic elements to packaging is a powerful way to make sure your brand is front and centre of all customer-facing products. Whether it’s as simple as incorporating your colour scheme onto outer package product labels, or all the way through to developing a fully-fledged bespoke packaging design, branded elements help tell your brand’s story. And get your brand remembered.

A splash of colour can make your packages shine, grabbing attention in a competitive space. Using your brand’s typography or iconography across different panels of the box will reinforce recognition with every glance. The beauty is in the customisation – you can be bold and eye-catching or go for a more subtle and sophisticated look. Ultimately, branded packaging is your canvas to create a memorable first impression and solidify your brand identity!

Project Insight

We recently developed a new, eye-catching packaging for Dougie’s, supplier of raw frozen meats and proteins for dogs. We printed their instantly recognisable logo directly onto the corrugated cardboard box next to their social media handles, increasing the retailer’s awareness of where they could find out more information about the product.


We used water-based inks to add these printed elements to the box, too. They’re free of harmful chemicals, so not only is the branded packaging more visually appealing than a plain box, but it has less of a negative impact on the environment!

Matthew Kay, Assistant Commercial Manager at Greyhound Box


2. Attention to Detail with Seals and Tapes 

When it comes to branding, small details are not to be underestimated! There’s scope to include your branding in how packages are sealed, like with tape that’s been custom-printed to include your logo or a specific brand message. (Think ‘Made in Yorkshire’ or ‘Made in Britain’.) Such a simple touch is often the most effective way of really lifting the overall aesthetic of your packaging, conveying that additional sense of care and professionalism.

You could also take this opportunity to spread a positive message, like our client Solupak. We print ‘Don’t Landfill…Refill’ onto Kraft Paper Tape that is used to secure products in their soluCLEAN range. Kraft tape’s a top material for a printed seal as it’s a sustainable swap to regular plastic tape. And its popularity in the packaging world is growing, for good reason! Not only is it kind to the environment, but it also blends seamlessly with our cardboard boxes, giving them a rustic feel.

Beyond aesthetics, branded seals also serve a security purpose. A tamper-evident seal that’s instantly associated with your brand or product assures recipients that products have arrived exactly as intended, strengthening trust and confidence in your brand.


3. Including a Sustainable Branded Message

Speaking about sustainability, if you’re a sustainable brand, it’s important that you showcase this with your packaging! Partnering with a packaging provider that sources recycled materials (that in turn, can be recycled) demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility.

It’s something we’re passionate about, which is why our sustainable packaging solutions all have corrugated cardboard at their core – it boasts one of the highest recycling rates of any packaging material!

Sustainable packaging goes hand-in-hand with efficient design. By minimising any unnecessary bulk, you’re able to reduce waste (and likely to fit more packages onto a single pallet, which makes shipping more efficient). But to reap the real rewards of effective packaging, you need to know where to start. That’s why we always recommend a Packaging Review to help you understand where you’re best to get started with improvements!


Get Started with Branded Packaging

Want the packaging of your product to really attract attention? Then branded packaging should be priority number one.

Get in touch to see how we can help you craft packaging that tells your brand story, builds trust, and leaves a lasting impression. 

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