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Sustainable Packaging Design: Insights from Our Team

At Greyhound Box, we’re big on sustainable packaging design! We believe that innovative, unique, and efficient packaging solutions shouldn’t come at the expense of our environment. That’s why we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of design to create bespoke packaging that’s not only functional and visually appealing but also minimises its environmental impact.

We’d like to introduce you to two key members of our design team who are instrumental in this process: Kieran Dinsdale and Matthew Kay. These talented individuals are passionate about creating sustainable packaging solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Get to know Kieran and Matt 

Kieran’s been a part of our team for over 10 years. His role is Operations Supervisor, which requires him to assist in managing the production team to ensure orders meet deadlines and keep production operating effectively and efficiently.

When Matt first joined us almost 10 years ago, he was part of the sampling team. He’s since worked his way up to being our Assistant Commercial Manager! Matt’s always been involved with designing our packaging to some degree, and it’s currently a major part of his role.

With the backgrounds of these two team members down, let’s jump into their insights about all-things sustainable packaging design.


1. What excites you the most about being part of a team focused on sustainable packaging design?

Matt: “Every brief presents a new challenge, and we always discover new ways to unlock the answers to each task. We take these unique ideas and methods forward to help us solve problems with future projects.”

Kieran: “Being able to help customers rethink their packaging and coming up with ways to change it to use corrugated cardboard.”


2. What sets our packaging design team apart in terms of its approach to sustainability?

K: “We’re coming up with better designs each time we have a new enquiry, as we are constantly thinking of ways to improve. Ideas we thought for one customer that may not have been the best option may be the best option for another customer in the future.”

M: “Like with all aspects of the business, we also have a holistic approach when it comes to packaging design. Our most successful ideas are born out of working as a team.

When it comes to an element like sustainability, this can be achieved through various methods, such as choice of box style and material, or method of production. So, having a team with as much knowledge about all these different areas helps us take the right path confidently and efficiently.

Over the years we have built a large catalogue of ideas & concepts that help us navigate these individual challenges.”


3. Could you share some examples of sustainable packaging projects you’ve worked on in the past?

K: “A project I worked on was to remove the foam fitments of a computer motherboard and come up with a corrugated alternative. I created a base that the motherboard would sit on leaving a border so that the motherboard wasn’t in contact with the box.

I extended the corners to the height of the box to stop the base from moving in transit, which then allowed me to create a lid that sat inside the base to cover the top of the motherboard. This then sat inside an outer box to be shipped to the client’s customers.”


4. What are some key principles or considerations you follow when designing sustainable packaging?

M: “Simple but focused – we aim to keep our designs intuitive and uncomplicated.

Considerate and thoughtful – we try to learn as much as we can about the product, client, and end user to inform our design choices.

Practical and dependable – the packaging solutions we create have got to stand up to the test, almost becoming ‘invisible’, as securely transporting the product inside is usually the main objective.”

5. How do you overcome the challenges of designing sustainable packaging?

M: “With the knowledge and experience from different departments, it makes the path to the final design much clearer and quicker. Getting as much information from the client upfront and keeping a dialogue throughout is crucial.”

K: “We come together as a group to discuss the requirements and come up with thoughts on how to produce the packaging. We may come up with a concept which puts a bit of everyone’s ideas together.”

We hope that’s opened your eyes to the steps the Greyhound Box team takes towards designing and developing more sustainable packaging designs. You can take a closer look at what we get up to be clicking here: Our Work.

If you’re looking for an innovative and efficient design for your packaging, get in touch with our team! 

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